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What Is Anabolic Athlete?

I’m Wilson, the owner and operator of Anabolic Athlete. Fitness, health, and well-being have always been an interest of mine.

I spend large amounts of my free time researching health and science particularly related to exercise and fitness.

Learning about how to optimize nutrition to maximize performance fascinates me and I love expanding my knowledge on the subject.

I also understand not everyone is as interested in researching what can often be mundane topics.

That being true, much of the information is valuable and advantageous, depending on your life goals.

Anabolic Athete desires to educate individuals about nutrition in an easy-to-understand format to help them make the best decisions.

We also offer supplements of our own that are carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients that put health and performance as the two priorities.

The blog portion of this website serves as an encyclopedia of health/fitness information gathered from trustworthy sources and organized into an easy-to-navigate layout.

At Anabolic Athlete, we prioritize corroborating quality sources to come to reasonable, evidence-based conjectures.

More About Me

Motivated by my excitement for fitness and helping others, I became anĀ ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

I learned a lot from the months I spent studying and have lots of science and practices to share.

ACE is one of the leading exercise science companies in the country and does excellent work.