Hello to everyone reading. I’m Wilson, and I wanted to clarify my role as an affiliate marketer on this website.

This website’s primary goals and focuses are to help organize and display the latest and most impactful information on health, fitness, and well-being.

To ensure there is no obscurity, I wanted to highlight the fact that this website is a profitable venture.

Many links on this website are affiliate links, allowing me to receive a small commission from the products I feature or promote.

This process does not add any additional expense to you, the consumer. It serves as a method for companies with products to outsource their marketing. Affiliate marketing also allows website owners, such as myself, profit-venture.

With that said, the products I promote or feature are ones I have always used and tested. I would never promote a product I would not personally use or consider a bad product.

If you have any questions about the links on my website, please feel free to email me @wilsonh@thecleanbulk.com.