The 5 Unique Benefits Azeil Supplements Offer You

The market is saturated with creatine supplements, yet Azeil Supplements have 5 unique benefits that separate them from other brands.

To brief, Azeil Supplements offers a tasty creatine monohydrate gummy. This product reigns supreme in convenience, effectiveness, taste, portability, and additional ingredients.

This product comes in a jar containing 150 gummies, which equates to 30 servings.

Azeil Supplements
Azeil Supplements

The 5 Unique Benefits of Azeil Supplements


Azeil supplements’ creatine gummy eliminates the hassle of creatine powder.

Anyone who has used creatine powder before knows the messy, time-consuming process of scooping and mixing with water.

While this process takes only minutes, creatine gummies can be taken in seconds. This time-save can be clutch in situations in which time is of the essence.

Not to mention the inevitable clumps of creatine powder that do not always entirely mix.

Another alternative to creatine powders is creatine capsules. This option may suffice for some.

However, for individuals who do not enjoy the uncomfortable sensation of swallowing (what can be rather large pills), tasteful creatine gummies offer an effective solution.


Are creatine powders more effective than creatine gummies? No.

Creatine gummies are equally effective as creatine powders and offer the same benefits because both contain the same fundamental ingredient: creatine monohydrate.

There is an argument that Azeil Supplements’ creatine gummies are more effective than traditional creatine.

Since consuming carbohydrate exercise (particularly muscle-building exercise) improves protein absorption, it’s arguable that the carbohydrates present with the gummies offer protein-synthesizing benefits.

However, I believe this argument is weak because one could consume carbs from a different source before a workout.


Inherently, the taste will be a driving force behind opting for creatine gummies. Luckily, Azeil Supplements offer a delectably-sweet combination of ingredients.

The taste present within these gummies transforms creatine from a chalky, poor-tasting powder into a sweet, flavorful treat.

Azeil Supplements’ creatine gummies accomplish this via food additives (i.e., natural sweeteners).

Additional Ingredients

The primary ingredient within Azeil Supplements is creatine monohydrate.

Each serving contains 5000 mg (5g) of creatine. A serving consists of five gummies, with 150 gummies in each container (30 servings per container). Each serving contains 50 total calories.

In addition, each gummy contains 15g of carbohydrates, 4 of the 15 coming from added sugars.

Aren’t carbohydrates and sugar unhealthy? Not necessarily.

First, carbohydrates are required for the body to function. Carbs also can aid protein synthesis during and after muscle-building exercises.

Therefore, the carbohydrates contained within Azeil Supplements pose a benefit for exercise.

Added sugar is something to be wary of, and experts recommend the average adult consume less than 36g of sugar daily.

Despite five gummies only bringing you to 11% of the daily sugar recommendation, someone who already exceeds 36g daily may want to be cautious.

However, the relatively insignificant amount of added sugar is harmless for a physically active and healthy individual.

Azeil Supplements also contain a trace amount of pectin. Pectin is a complex carbohydrate extracted from various fruits and vegetables.

It is a substance that can offer minor to significant health benefits.

In particular, pectin may improve gut health and digestion. Pectin may also aid healthy metabolic function.

Creatine can cause stomach problems for some. The inclusion of pectin is a becomes beneficial for this reason.

The other ingredients contained in the supplement are sodium citrate, citric acid, and natural flavors.

These three ingredients serve as preservatives and flavor additives. Experts do not consider them harmful in appropriate doses.

Azeil Supplements


Azeil Supplements offer supreme portability.

As a result of its design, the gummies are small, lightweight, and easily stored.

It is common to forget to scoop your creatine before going to the gym. Or to forget about creatine until the very last moment before leaving for the gym.

These problems a vanquished by the portability of creatine gummies. They can easily fit in a gym bag or be kept in the glove department of your car.

Before heading into the gym, quickly pop five gummies without worrying about powder spill.

Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Azeil Supplements

Creatine is the most well-researched dietary supplement. Thousands of studies support the performance it offers.

Azeil supplements contain equivalent amounts of creatine, yielding the same results.

Let’s look at some of the findings of the past few decades.

Azeil Supplements

Azeil Supplements: Physical Performance

Creatine supplementation is proven to increase explosiveness and anaerobic capacity.

Therefore, creatine supplementation allows for more weight-lifting capacity and more repetitions.

Studies find that creatine supplementation yields a 20% increase in exercise reps and a 5% increase in a one-rep max bench press.

Solley taking creatine does not guarantee a boost in muscle gains. However, based on the proven properties of the nutrient, creatine aids muscle growth.

Of course, exercise practices such as nutrition, rest, etc., are required for muscle growth. Combining correct muscle-building methods with creatine supplementation is a formula for optimal gains.

Azeil Supplements: Recovery

Additionally, creatine improves post-workout recovery.

Upon starting a creatine supplementation, you will notice muscle soreness that took 2-3 days to relinquish will now take 1-2 days.

In addition to aiding the micro-tearing process during exercise, protein synthesis improves. Meaning more is achieved in a shorter time frame.

Azeil Supplements: Other Benefits

95% of creatine within the body is in skeletal muscles. The other 5% is in the brain, liver, kidneys, and testes.

Many people are aware of the muscle-building/athletic benefits creatine possesses.

However, not as many people realize creatine’s potential as a nootropic.

More and more studies continue to explore this concept. There is promising evidence that suggests creatine improves brain function.

For example, creatine may help prevent and potentially even treat chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Creatine has also displayed neuroprotective properties that help prevent concussions.

Short- and long-term memory may also improve with creatine supplementation.

These findings could lead to breakthroughs in the medical field.

At this moment, studies are still inconclusive. That being the case, ongoing-creatine studies are promising.

Are Azeil Supplements Safe?

Yes… for the average, healthy adult.

Creatine is thoroughly researched and has not shown enough evidence to suggest any prominent negative-side effects.

However, strongly consider consulting with your doctor before starting any new supplement, even if it is a supplement as harmlessly seeming as creatine.

There may be instances in which creatine negatively interacts with certain medications.

Medications Such As:

Creatine can be hard on the liver, especially during a loading phase.

Avoid taking creatine shortly before bed because it may cause difficulty sleeping.

All things considered, creatine is a safe dietary supplement.

Are Azeil Supplements Safe For Teens?

Yes… probably.

Deductive reasoning would indicate no adverse side effects for adolescents since the same goes for adults.

However, there is currently not enough literature published specifically researching creatine’s effect on teenagers.

Therefore, it could be irresponsible to claim it is safe for adolescents.

Still, an enormous number of high school and collegiate athletes take creatine. And, so far, no adverse side effects have arisen.

Using that information, concluding that creatine is safe for teens appears logical.

Azeil Supplements Alternatives

Azeil Supplements offer a great product that I think you will enjoy.

However, they may not be for everyone. If you prioritize saving dollars or prefer creatine powder or pills, here are some alternatives I recommend.

Budget Creatine Gummies

Universal Nutrition offers a less-expensive creatine gummy alternative on Amazon.

Compared to the 30 servings offered by Azeil Supplements for $39.99, the 36 servings for $25.95 by Universal looks pretty solid.

This product comes in orange and grape flavors.

The main drop-off with this product compared to Azeil Supplements: is no pectin.

Creatine Pills vs Powder

Creatine is more commonly available in powder and pills.

Both are equally effective for building muscle and physical performance. The main differences are in price, convenience, portability, taste, etc.

To learn more about the differences between creatine pills and powder click here.

Azeil Supplements
Azeil Supplements

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