Are There Calories In Creatine?

So, Are There Calories In Creatine?

No, pure creatine contains 0 calories.

Even though creatine itself does not have a caloric value, commonly found ingredients in creatine supplements do.

A general rule of thumb is that unflavored creatine does not contain calories and flavored creatine likely does. However, I am sure there are exceptions.

Calories In Creatine
Calories In Creatine

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Creatine Nutritional Content

The most fundamental micronized creatine powered contains 0 g of protein, 0 g of carbs, and 0 g of fat. Creatine has no calories by nature.

The macronutrient contents of other forms of creatine are the exception. For instance, flavored creatine powder, candies, and even pills all have the potential to contain calories.

Which Creatine Supplements Contain Calories?

Creatine itself contains no calories. That being true, many creatine supplements contain some amount of carbohydrates.

For example, flavored creatine powders often contain added sugar or other artificial sweeteners which do contain calories. Creatine gummies and some creatine pills may also yield caloric values.

When taking creatine, consuming carbohydrates alongside it is a wise idea. Creatine is absorbed most effectively when taken alongside some form of carb. This fact can make creatine with added sugar yield an advantage.

This is also why taking creatine with a snack and not on an empty stomach is smart.

Considering all of that, taking basic creatine powder, dry-scooping creatine, or consuming any other pure creatine variation does not contain calories.

Creatine Containing Calories On Amazon

Does Creatine Contain Calories - About Creatine

What Is Creatine?

Creatine is an amino acid that is mostly present in skeletal muscles. Only a limited quantity of creatine is produced naturally by the human body; the rest must come from food sources.

Because of the well-known benefits of creatine, both weightlifters and athletes commonly take supplements.

The role of creatine is to support the synthesis of ATP in muscles. Because ATP is what provides the muscles with their energy, higher creatine means greater muscular capacity.

Creatine Benefits

How To Take Creatine

The nutritional supplement creatine comes in a variety of forms. Creatine is frequently sold in pill or powder form.

Despite the fact that they are fundamentally the same product, there are some obvious differences that may affect your choice.

To find out if creatine powder or tablets are best for you, read this article.

Is Creatine Safe?


In general, it is safe to take supplements containing creatine.

Creatine is a thoroughly researched dietary supplement that has never been connected to any adverse health effects. In actuality, more study has been done on creatine than any other dietary supplement.

Even so, it is still highly recommended that you consult your doctor before starting any new supplement.

Overall, creatine is safe for healthy adults, but each person is unique and has various medical requirements.

To find out if these assertions hold true for teenagers, go here.

Calories In Creatine: Related FAQs

Does Creatine Break A Fast?


As we have discussed throughout this article, creatine itself contains 0 calories. Therefore, it does not break a fast.

However, sometimes creatine supplements contain carbohydrates in their ingredients.

Learn more about this topic here.

What Is Creatine 'Water Weight?'

Contrary to widespread belief, creatine does not result in bloating in the abdomen.

It may, and most likely will, cause a significant increase in weight. The muscles become more prone to water retention as a result of the weight gain, though.

Learn more about creatine “water weight” here.

Is Creatine Before Bed A Good Idea?

It is okay to do, but it might not be the best idea.

When you take your creatine is not really important. However, taking creatine right before bed may cause stomach ache or less peaceful sleep.

To avoid this, take creatine early in the day.

Learn more about this topic here.

Does Creatine Go Bad?


Both creatine powder and pills have expiration dates. However, creatine typically continues to work for 1-2 years after its expiration date.

Click here to continue reading.

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