Can You Take Creatine Before Bed?

Can You Take Creatine Before Bed?

So, can you take creatine before bed; is it okay?


Technically, you can take creatine before bed and still reap the benefits of taking it at any other time.

However, for reasons other than muscular benefits, you should consider taking creatine earlier in the day.

Can You Take Creatine Before Bed?
Can You Take Creatine Before Bed

Does Creatine Affect Sleep & Energy?

In some sense, creatine does increase energy. Although, energy influenced by creatine is muscular.

Increased creatine stores within the muscle increase the production of ATP, which enables muscles to handle more. To an extent, creatine supplements increase the energy within muscle tissue.

That said, creatine is not a stimulant. Therefore, creatine itself does not negatively affect sleep directly.

Contrarily, considering the indirect effects creatine supplements have on sleep, the story is a bit different.

Digestion, Sleep, and Creatine

Many people have heard that it is not good to eat too close to bed time. Most experts agree that to get the highest quality sleep you should avoid eating within the 2-3 hour period before bed.

Considering that you eating before bed is not ideal for sleep, the same is true for creatine. Not only does creatine itself activate the digestive system, but it is often (and most effectively) consumed with food or drink.

A highly active digestive system before bed and into the night will worsen the quality of sleep and may increase sleep onset.

Conclusion: Can You Take Creatine Before Bed?

Yes, you can take creatine before bed and still receive the same muscular benefits.

Also, creatine is not a stimulant (unless combined with caffeine) and will not directly impact sleep.

Ingesting creatine also requires time and energy to digest. Creatine digestion and the digestion of whatever you consume with it may worsen your sleep.

From personal experience, taking creatine directly before bed has given me stomach aches.

For those reasons, I would consider taking creatine earlier in the day instead of before bed.

However, taking creatine before bed will remain effective for muscular benefits.

Can You Take Creatine Before Bed: More About Creatine

What Is Creatine?

All humans naturally contain the substance creatine. Additionally, it can be received through food items such meat, fish, and eggs.

Supplementation is another typical way to get creatine.

No dietary supplement has been studied more thoroughly than creatine.

Numerous studies have consistently shown that creatine provides significant sports benefits while posing little to no health hazards.

What Are The Benefits Of Creatine?

Is Creatine Safe?


Creatine is the most thoroughly studied nutritional supplement ever created.

Over the past three decades, thousands of research have been undertaken, and they all show that creatine is generally safe.

Given this, it is essential to seek medical advice before beginning any new dietary supplement, including creatine.

When To Take Creatine

Can you take creatine before bed? As we discussed above, this may not be the best idea.

How about right when I wake up? While still effective, taking creatine on an empty stomach may give you a stomach ache.

Although the data is inconclusive, research suggests taking creatine before a workout offers the most benefit.

So, if you are looking for the “best” time to take your creatine, take it before your workout. Although, the consequences for not taking it at this time are not punitive.

More importantly, stay consistent with your creatine intake and stay hydrated for the best results.

Can You Take Creatine Before Bed: FAQs

Is Creatine Safe For Teens?

Creatine is usually considered safe for adult use. Few research, however, have particularly examined the effects of creatine on youth.

Creatine is safe for teenagers, according to logic and reason.However, it is reckless to use adult studies on teenagers.

To learn more about this topic, click here.

Is Creatine Better In Pills or Powder?

Which do you value more, cost or convenience? This question really comes down to that. To learn more about this topic click here.

Can You Dry Scoop Creatine?

Yes, you can dry-scoop creatine.

But should you? Probably not… here’s why.

Does Creatine Cause Gynecomastia?


There is no proof that creatine contributes to gynecomastia.

For additional information on this subject and how creatine impacts hormones, click here.

Can You Dry Scoop Creatine?

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