High Cable Row vs Low Cable Row, What’s Better?

So, Is The High Cable Row or Low Cable Row Better?

High cable row or low cable row, which is superior?

Both exercises have their advantages. Low rows (low to high) effectively target the traps, rhomboids, and rear delts. Conversely, high rows (high to low) primarily target the lats.

In this case, one exercise is not inherently superior to the other.

High Cable Row

Low Cable Row

What Is A High Cable Row?

A high cable row (in my definition) is a seated pulling movement using the cable tower with the hands starting in a slightly higher position than they finish.

This plane of movement will target the mid-lats effectively.

What Is A Low Cable Row?

On the other hand, a low cable row (in my definition) is a seated pulling movement using a cable with the hands starting in a slightly lower position than they finish.

Instead of primarily targeting the lats, this movement focuses on the lower traps and rhomboids (upper back).

High Cable Row vs Low Cable Row

To effectively target the lats during cable rows, think of driving your hands towards your hips rather than towards your ribs.

This adjustment will create a movement that activates your lats.

Conversely, pulling the attachment up towards your ribs will use fewer lats and more traps and rhomboids.

Neither exercise is inherently better than the other because they serve different purposes.

How To Cable Row

Are Cable Rows Optimal?


Performed correctly, cable rows are one of the most optimal back exercises (applies to low and high).

There are back exercises that are more isometric exercises that are better at isolating the back muscles.

However, as far as compound exercises go, there are few more optimal for hypertrophy than the seated cable row.

Should I Use Both Row Variations In My Workout?

In my eyes, there is no negative to including both variations.

Since both are optimal exercises and target different muscles, it makes more than enough sense to include both.

A high row (high to low) is an excellent mid-lat focused exercise, and the low row targets the upper back.

High Cable Row
High Cable Row
High Cable Row

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