Are There Lat Exercises With Kettlebell?

Are There Lat Exercises That Use A Kettlebell?

So, are there lat exercises using a kettlebell?

Absolutely. Multiple kettlebell exercises target the lats.

Kettlebells are very similar to dumbbells and can be used as such; however, kettlebells over slightly more versatility.

Lat Exercises With Kettlebell
Lat Exercises With Kettlebell

What Are The Lats?

The lats (latissimus dorsi) are large and powerful muscles that make up a large portion of the back.

Lats are responsible for helping with pulling movements, retracting the shoulders (posture), and pulling the shoulders downwards.

The lats insert into the back of the shoulder and cover a large percentage of the mid back. This muscle is typically broken into three sections, the upper lats, mid lats, and lower lats.

Optimal Plane Of Movement For The Lats

The optimal movement plane for targeting the lats depends on your training goals.

For example, to target the mid to lower lats, performing rows while driving your hands toward your hips is optimal.

That being true, pulldowns/pull-ups with the hands wider than shoulder width and the chest puffed out are optimal for training the entire lats muscle.

Lat Exercises Using A Kettlebell

Kettlebell Rows

Kettlebell Pullovers

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The rear delt cable fly is the most optimal exercise for targeting the rear delts. This makes cable towers the best rear delts machine.

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Do Pull-Ups Work The Rear Delts?

Since a primary function of the rear delts is assisting pulling movements, pull-ups definitely work the rear delts.

However, other muscles such as the lats, biceps, and rhomboids, are heavily involved in this movement.

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Which Muscles Are Near The Delts?

There are three sections of the shoulder (deltoid), the anterior, medial, and posterior portions.

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Are Rear Delt Rows A Back Exercise?


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