Which Rear Delt Machine Is The Best?

So, Which Rear Delt Machine Is Optimal?

Which rear delt machine is the most optimal?

The tall cable tower best machine for effectively isolating the rear delts.

Rear delt flys with the cable tower allows the arm to travel in a plane optimal for targeting the rear delts, more so than other machines.

Rear Delt Machine
Rear Delt Machine

What Are Rear Delts?

The rear delts (posterior deltoids) are muscles located at the back of the shoulders.

There are three parts of the shoulder: anterior (front) deltoid, medial (side/middle) deltoid, and posterior (back) deltoid, which is commonly called the ‘rear delt.’

The rear delt is a prominent muscle that serves many functions for the body and is relevant in bodybuilding.

Rear-Delt Anatomical Function

Rear delts are responsible for aiding in pulling movements. Due to this fact, many people include rear-delt exercises on their pull/back part of their split. However, doing rear delts with shoulder is common too.

Rear delts are necessary for shoulder stability and also retract the shoulders which is important for good posture.

There are many benefits to strengthening this muscle.

Optimal Plane Of Movement For The Rear Delts

To understand the optimal plane of movement for the rear delts, it is first necessary to understand the anatomical function of the muscle (read the section above).

The rear delts’ optimal plane of movement is pulling with the arms at roughly a 45° angle (relative to the thorax).

To get a better visual and a deeper understanding of this concept, watch this video by Jeremy Ethier on Youtube.

How To Perform Rear Delt Fly With Cable Tower?

In my opinion, the rear delt cable fly is the best exercise for targeting the rear delts. Therefore, the cable tower is the best rear delt machine.

Best Rear Delt Machine: Honorable Mentions

Reverse Pec Deck Machine

Regarding rear delt machines, I would say most people think of the reverse pec deck.

While I concur that the reverse pec deck targets the rear delts to some extent, it does not allow the optimal movement plane for the muscle.

The reverse pec deck is more effective at targeting the mid traps than the rear delts.

Cable Row/Row Machine

Cable rows are an awesome exercise and target multiple pulling muscles. No matte how you perform your cable rows, the rear delts will be working to some extent.

However, changing your grip, the attachment or the range of motion will affect how involved the rear delts are.

Check out this video to learn how to target the rear delts during cable rows.

Lat Pulldown/Pulldown Machine

Even though the rear delts are not the main muscle working during pulldowns, they are certainly a key player.

I recommend this exercise to anyone looking to grow their back which includes the rear delts. That being true, there are more optimal exercises for targeting the rear delts.

Pull-Ups/Assisted Pull-Ups Machine

Since pull-ups are identical to pulldowns, the same reasoning applies.

It is a great exercise that does work the rear delts. However, there are ‘better’ or more optimal exercises for the rear delts specifically.

Best Rear Delt Machine: Cable Tower

The rear delt cable fly is the most optimal exercise for targeting the rear delts. This makes cable towers the best rear delts machine.

In general, cable towers are great for isolating resistance training.

Specific to this topic, cable towers allow for the arm to travel in the optimal plane of movement for targeting the rear delts.

This exercise can be performed one arm at a time or simultaneously. I highly recommend this exercise to anyone looking to grow their rear delts.

Check out the video above to learn how to perform the movement.

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Do Pull-Ups Work The Rear Delts?

Since a primary function of the rear delts is assisting pulling movements, pull-ups definitely work the rear delts.

However, other muscles such as the lats, biceps, and rhomboids, are heavily involved in this movement.

Click here to keep reading.

Which Muscles Are Near The Delts?

There are three sections of the shoulder (deltoid), the anterior, medial, and posterior portions.

Learn which muscles surround them here.

Does Elliptical Build Muscle?


Since the elliptical does not put enough stress on the muscles to generate microtears, it is not capable of aiding muscle growth.

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Sarcoplasmic vs Myofibrillar Hypertrophy

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The V-Bar is one of the more effective attachments for triceps pushdowns.

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Rear Delt Machine
Rear Delt Machine

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